Welcome to the Nationals Plan your trip, get the most out of the weekend

Team Gazebos

We are welcoming team gazebos for warm-ups, bases on the main event area.  You can book your place on eventbrite below

Parking and access

The show ground gates will be open at 7am and closed at 10pm (get directions here), parking and overnight stays should be paid for in advance.

Pits and bike wash

If you were at Broughton Hall last January, you’ll have seen the Hope Tech power wash.  Well it’s coming to us, too.  Bring your jet wash as a back up only, you will not need one, as we’re providing it.

Course Practice

Aside from the Saturday and Sunday event timetable, we will open the course to BIKE practice and familiarity from 3pm to 4pm on Friday, and WALKING the course after that (until dark!) is welcome