Helping a rider? Get neatly from the start to the pits

We’ve all been there, and know what it’s like. That last minute throwing of the jacket and tights. The quick photo of the start then the mad dash to get to the pits in time.

Designing a course to allow riders to pass the pits relatively early sounds straightforward. Riders need that if they have an incident just after the start. But in such circumstances, it’s also hard for th ehelpers to get to the pits in time. So we have to compromise.

The pits is a 220 metre walk or jog from the start. By our calculations, that’s less than a couple of mins, even with wellies on. And it takes riders a couple of mins to ride to the pit, so you will probably need to leave at the “30 seconds” call unless you fancy a sprint.

Here’s the route.