Joining the course for practice?

Practice sessions are essential. We get that. We are opening the course at 3pm on Friday 13 Jan for anyone who can make it. It will be open for 75 minutes, possibly 90 if daylight allows. Riders joining on Friday MUST do so with a numbered wrist band, available at the registration tent from 14:45 on Friday.

We also know how much Commissaire teams have struggled with keeping things running smoothly to timetable.

Riders joining the course in the right place may seem trivial to some, but it’s crucial at such a busy event. It allows the Commissaires to use their discretion to let you start course practice as quickly as possible. Better for you, better for everyone.

Please check here to ensure that you join the official practice sessions AFTER THE FINISH where the DOTTED ORANGE LINE in the image shows you.

More info on the course access here.